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Board Administrators, are TIC170A member volunteers. We answer your email as soon as possible after it is seen.

When contacting us, please include your first and last name and contact info. We can't remember all of the TIC170A members names and usernames. Forum account data is not tied to TIC170A membership account data so we can not cross reference it to help you.

If inquiring about your forum account, such as you forgot your username or password, please include any username you think it could have been and any email address you might have used to register the account including old addresses. Some of the accounts are 20 years old now.

The Webmaster and other forum Admin are not TIC170A admin, we do not work at TIC170A Headquarters nor do we have access to all of TIC170A membership info. We wiil be as helpful as we can be answering any question about TIC170A but for TIC170A membership questions such as when does you membership run out, please contact TIC170A Headquarters at 3o7 587-6397 or email

Help us help you.

The Admin


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