How to embed Youtube video in a forum thread

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How to embed Youtube video in a forum thread

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1. In Youtube viewing the video you wish to share at the forum click the Share shown by the black arrow.
Youtube Share.jpg
2. A box will appear like the one below. Click the copy to the right to copy the URL of the video to your clipboard.
3. Move to the forum and to the post you'd like to share the video in. At the place in your post you would like the video to appear click the youtubeShare button shown by the large arrow in the picture below.
4. Your post will now have the code [youtubeshare][/youtubeShare] with your cursor between the two codes as seen at the small arrow in the picture above.

5. Paste the link you had copied in step 2 by, hitting Ctrl-p (on a windows computer) or Command-p on a Mac. On IPhone or IPad you will have to carefully touch and hold the screen and be sure the cursor is between the ][ and then raise your finger and the copy/paste black balloon will appear. Choose paste. Your video link should now be between the code as is seen in the picture below.
youtubeShare with code.JPG
Selecting Preview should show your post with the video in place. If not then you may have deleted some of the code in the brackets or copied your link in the wrong place in the code.
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