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Association Staff

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9976AJds wrote:Maybe the Club could get a Member discount. Perhaps the Staff could work that angle for the future. Best JD - See you at Sun and Fun
This is not directed at JD specifically but to all who may not realize. The Association has no staff. I've often thought many think there are several people, Dale Medendorp, George Horn our current President, John Hess, Jan Billeb and I, to name a few, might sit at a office at our address in Wyoming. This is not the case. Everything that has happened or will happen surrounding the Association happens because a volunteer or volunteers took it upon themselves to make it happen.

It is true Jan Billeb is our Executive Secretary. She is not a member of the Association. She is a paid independent contractor who assists the President and Board with the day to day operations required of the Association. Jan is at headquarters in Wyoming. All the rest of us are at our homes spread throughout the world volunteering our time on behalf of the Association.

So there is no staff as JD suggests to solicit anything from anyone. There are however about 1100 members, each who when dealing with vendors, could ask for a Association discount. You might be surprised how many vendors will extend one if they haven't before and many of then already have a policy to do so. Also many vendors over the year do support our Association in various other ways. Many of them are solicited by volunteers for donations to the annual convention auction which proceeds go directly to the Association for example.

If you have some business to do with your membership contact Jan at headquaters. 3o7 587-6397 Lately some have contacted the webmaster with address changes or questions about their membership status which those of us who volunteer as webmasters can't quickly answer if at all. For forum questions the webmaster is the appropriate. If you have a question about the Association don't be afraid to contact either Jan or the webmaster or any of us directly, all of us will get you to the right place for the answer.
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