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Forum Registration

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I've been getting some questions lately about the website registration process. I'll attempt to clarify.

There are two aspects of registration - registering for the Forums and registering as a member of The International Cessna 170 Association.

You need to register for the Forums if you want to post in any of the Public Discussions. Just click on 'Register' which is near the upper right corner of a forums page (just below the advertising banner). Follow the instructions. Incidentally, just to the left of 'Register' is 'FAQ'. This answers most of the questions most frequently asked.

To register as a member of the Association and get access to all the TIC170A Members Only areas of the website, you need to contact me with your Username (the one you chose when you registered), your real first and last name, and your TIC170A Member Number. I'll set your permissions so you'll be able to access all the TIC170A Members Only areas of the website.

If you are already registered and you want to change something (password or email address, for example), you need to use the 'User Control Panel' (UCP). That link is on the left side of a Forum page near the top. The UCP can be a little confusing at first. Just take you time and look through it sometime. There are tabs along the top, and menu items (associated with each tab) along the left side.

The pictures should help locate the Register and User Control Panel links.
Location of User Control Panel link
Location of User Control Panel link
ucp-arrow.jpg (23.34 KiB) Viewed 33080 times
Location of the 'Register' link
Location of the 'Register' link
register-arrow.jpg (12.06 KiB) Viewed 33079 times
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