Why Join The Int'l Cessna 170 Association?

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Why Join The Int'l Cessna 170 Association?

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"Preserving and promoting a truly classic aircraft" takes time, talent and resources. It took foresight to form the club in 1969 to share information about flying and maintaining the Cessna 170. Many hours have been spent by members gathering data and sharing information by way of the publications, at conventions, and on the internet forums.

While there is a lot of information available on the internet, checking the validity of free information is increasingly more important and difficult. Membership is important and necessary in order to have access to information that is reviewed by other members. A unified group more effectively and efficiently benefits all 170 owners.

Why be a member?
* The satisfaction of knowing you are one of the group helping to keep 170's flying!
* Be part of coming up with solutions before they become problems for every 170 owner.
* Be part of the group that is recognized as the authority on 170s to owners, pilots, the FAA and Cessna. (Yes! the original manufacturer's personel regularly contact the Association for forgotten/lost information on their own product)
* Quarterly - The 170 News - associations news, flying news, technical information, and photos.
* Flypaper - Events, News, articles, fly-ins, FREE for-sale and want-ad classifieds.
* Area association fly-ins and get togethers - meet more 170 people
* Conventions - see new places, enjoy new friends, learn at technical forums
* Access to Parts/Maintenance Advisor

What do membership dues pay for?
* Website and associated software
* Publication mailings/printing
* Professional administrative services
* Daily office supplies and expenses
* Production of books, DVDS and CDs

What do the dues NOT pay for?
* Conventions - they are self-supporting
* Travel expenses - all members volunteer time and expenses
* Parts/Maintenance Advisor - board appointed, he donates his time and resources
* Board Members and Assoc'n Officers - Each is a Volunteer, paying ALL personal expenses, travel and accomodations for twice-yearly meetings.

If you are not a member of the Association, please consider joining us. The dues are a great value at only $45 per year. If you are already a member, we sincerely Thank You for your support. Please share your thoughts on what benefits you've seen by being part of The International Cessna 170 Association.

Click this link for the TIC170A online application form

or contact

Jan Billeb, Executive Secretary
The International Cessna 170 Association, Inc. (TIC170A)
22 Vista View Ln
Cody, WY 82414-9606
(307) 587-6397 Phone
(307) 587-4297 Fax
Preserving and promoting a truly classic aircraft.
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