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Shoulder Harness Solution?

PostPosted: Fri Oct 16, 2020 4:23 pm
by GAHorn
In a tractor-forum I came across an interesting discussion which discussed seat belts and I was surprised to see how INexpensive SAE-certified seat belts can be bought, MADE IN THE USA even.
Even MORE interesting was what appears to be a shoulder-harness system similar to the solution I used in my 170B...which has the rear-spar attach-point already provided which use MS270 screws/washers.... (I used Davis Y-harness which the lap belts simply slip thru a loop at the lower ends of the shoulder straps. They are not required to be FAA cert’d as long as they meet the SAE J-standard, in accordance with the policy letter posted in our Mx Library.
This company has such Y-harness priced very affordably and offered in many colors.’s a link to peruse:

And if you have a tractor or other vehicle needing lap’s difficult to pass-up these which are less than $16. 8O