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170-A Parts Catalog Excluded/Missing Pages

PostPosted: Thu Dec 17, 2020 11:07 am
by GAHorn
It has been mentioned several times that the IPC (Illustrated Parts Catalog) is NOT an “Approved Document” and that it cannot be relied upon for Service and Maintenance. The IPCs haver Errors! It is a catalog for ordering parts...that’s all it is, although we all find it helpful when working on these airpalnes.

From another post, it was noted that Cessna deliberately did not include certain pages in which they no longer had parts.

If ever there was proof that the IPC is NOT a maintenance manual... this should confirm it. Cessna has none of the parts shown on certain they just don’t wanna show them. :roll:

It is disappointing that those pages are not available to us because anyone owning/servicing airplanes with those systems no-longer-shown would likely find them helpful. I have some very early IPCs stored-away in my hangar loft and will attempt to find earlier IPCs which might have the missing pages and post them for references. I’ve created this thread in the hopes that others might assist in this.

HERE is the notice of missing pages in the 170-A IPC:
Here are the missing pages we are hoping to find
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