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How to keep the Cessna 170 flying and airworthy.

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Re: 1948 170

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The '48 has one 12.5 gallon tank in the left wing and two 12.5 gallon tanks in the right wing. The story I've heard is that Cessna was reusing tanks from the 140.

It was not uncommon to see an additional 12.5 gallon tank added to the left wing. It just mirrors the right wing installation.
You do want to check your paperwork to make sure the mod was properly approved. There was never an STC, so it would have been done on a field approval. Getting a fuel system modification approved these days could be tough.
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Re: 1948 170

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marktoula1 wrote:Gang,

Ive read the information you suggested relative to the differences between the 170 models. Am I correct that a 48' 170 would have 3 fuel cells? I ask because my metalized wings have 2 fuel tanks so would that have been a modification made when the wings were covered with metal? Getting to chat with everyone is extremely helpful so I am open to suggestions, ideas, and opinions.

The original 170 had three C-140, 12.5 gal fuel tanks… two in the right wing, one in the left. Some owners have added a second tank to the left.
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Re: 1948 170

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I have a new question if anyone has experience. I need to remove my prop which has been on the engine a long time. (25 years) Removed all the bolts, wobbled it, and it is still tight and isn't budging, any tips to get it loose?
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Re: 1948 170

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Never had to tackle that problem but if I did I'd spray the hub/prop flange joins with a good penetrant such as KROIL. I'd then heat the prop hub with a hot air gun. This could take a while. Then proceed to wiggle with 1 person on each blade.
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