Cowl plugs

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Cowl plugs

Post by Dferr34 »

Hello everyone, does anyone know where I could find front cowl plus for a 1949 Cessna 170A? Also the little opening above the air filter.

Thanks, Don
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Re: Cowl plugs

Post by rnealon1 »

I got mine from Bruce's Custom Covers for a 1954 170B. Their website shows plugs for B Model (4 or 5 plugs) and/or carb inlet.
Screenshot 2023-02-14 123350.png
They may do custom as well for the A Model.

Bob Nealon

Southbury, CT
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Re: Cowl plugs

Post by 4583C »

There is a new set in the “TradeMart” For the cost of shipping.
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Re: Cowl plugs

Post by GAHorn »

'53 B-model N146YS SN:25713
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Re: Cowl plugs

Post by Wyoming1 »

4583C wrote:There is a new set in the “TradeMart” For the cost of shipping.
I have a brand new set I can send you for the cost of shipping. They will have the wrong N number for you, but the price is right!
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