SAID 2023-04 Propellers

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SAID 2023-04 Propellers

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SAIB: 2023-04
Date: March 15, 2023
The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is issuing this Special Airworthiness Information Bulletin (SAIB) to alert owners, operators, maintenance technicians, and inspectors of an airworthiness concern for Hartzell Propeller Inc. (Hartzell) and McCauley Propeller Systems (McCauley) propellers, specifically, those returned to service by Trinity Specialized Services, LLC (Trinity) doing business as Specialized Propeller Services, LLC.
At this time, the airworthiness concern is not an unsafe condition that would warrant airworthiness directive (AD) action under Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations (14 CFR) part 39.
The FAA determined that Trinity did not maintain Hartzell and McCauley propellers in accordance with the current manufacturer’s maintenance manual or methods otherwise acceptable to the administrator and improperly returned propellers to service between the dates of January 29, 2016 and March 25, 2021. 04

(This is the abbreviated information. See the SAIB for full info, which strongly urges anyone whose propeller falls into this group have it inspected/overhauled by a certified propeller facility. )

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