Voltage Regulator

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Re: Voltage Regulator

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This discussion has been all about auto parts on aircraft so what happens when you find an aircraft regulator on a John Deere tractor . We are having flooding around our area and a friends tractor [very old ] went under flood water for about 12 days . No insurance cover as it’s pre ww2. Too old . This tractor was still doing its job until it was flooded. so a strip down proceeded . It was a tight budget . So i pulled the starter and generator apart and cleaned and fitted new brushes . i pulled the regulator off the fire wall of the tractor and under surface of the regulator was a no. and saying Civil Aeronautics Authority controlled. What does that mean?? But it appears it came of an aircraft some where in the world. Engine still will not turn over yet .Head has been removed and cleaned , drive train great . no water in them . We must have used at least 2 gals of WD 40. All wiring has been replaced using aircraft wiring . This thing will “fly” when we get it going.

PS. The sump had been removed and cleaned BUT found crankshalf bearings seized on crankshalf. Have contacted John Deere in the USA asking for a set of big end bearings for a petrol 1936-1945 tractor.
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Re: Voltage Regulator

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GAHorn wrote:
FAA Advisory Circular 23-27 is a basis for using a quality automotive regulator as discussed in other threads. This was also brought to our attention by Bill? Andersen, FAA Inspector at the Benton Harbor, MI convention. One discussion about this is at viewtopic.php?f=24&t=15515&p=144186&hil ... ar#p144186
Rick Anderson is now a manager at the East Michigan FSDO, and at one time was in quality control at Cessna. He is well respected by pilots and mechanics in this area.

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Re: Voltage Regulator

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Thanks….Yes, RICK …not “Bill” ….. Thanks for the reminder, Miles.
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