Poll: Carb Air Box Upgrade Possibility

How to keep the Cessna 170 flying and airworthy.

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Re: Poll: Carb Air Box Upgrade Possibility

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Joe Rogg down in Arizona specializes in carburetor air box repairs and rebuilds. Try Google to find him.
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Re: Poll: Carb Air Box Upgrade Possibility

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Hello, new guy here. Owned C140 for 26 years. Now a (cough) a Mooney 64C model but after 14 years with it thinking of going to a 170. Easier to work on. I'm getting to old to crawl under the wing for gear inspections and to tie it down :-)
Anyway to the point of this missive:
When I had my 140, my airbox went south in the bushings also so I devised a fix.
Removed the bushings and laid a 1" dia neoprene grommet against the side of the airbox with a 1/4 dia hole for the shaft (nice press fit, airtight) and then made a 4 legged steel bracket (legs bent down to surface of airbox sides with a hole in the center for the grommet grove to fit tightly in.
Welded the 4 legs on each bracket (1 each side). Painted same.
Put in grommets and now had a "never wear out" bushing for my airbox.
Did a 337 (this was 40 years ago) and went to my local "GADO" and they looked at it and the only question they had was " It's rubber, what about a fire"? I said, "We have grommets in the firewall on the airplane don't we"?
It was then signed off legal like.
Just thought I'd throw this in the mix.
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Re: Poll: Carb Air Box Upgrade Possibility

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This POLL thread was not successful for it's intended purpose and is locked.
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