ADS-B rebate may still be available (if you’re lucky)

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ADS-B rebate may still be available (if you’re lucky)

Postby pdb » Fri Sep 27, 2019 1:42 am

If you go to the FAA’s ADS-B rebate page, you will get the following message!

“The last of the ADS-B rebates have been reserved! Still looking for a rebate? Read more below on how you may still be able to reserve a rebate.”

However, do not give up!

What has happened is that all the rebate money has been allocated. However, if an owner with a reservation has not installed the equipment and flown the test verification flight in the required time, his reservation will be cancelled. The FAA then makes those available to others starting at 1:00pm EDT every Wednesday until Oct 11. You need to read the fine print carefully.

I got mine installed earlier this week and did not fly immediately. (Don’t fly until you have applied and been issued a reservation.) Yesterday (Wednesday 9/25) at about 7:59, I applied on line and got a reservation number. I got lucky when someone else lost their place in line. Today, I successfully conducted my verification flt and got all the FAA paperwork processed for the rebate.
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Re: ADS-B rebate may still be available (if you’re lucky)

Postby Deputydog » Tue Oct 08, 2019 2:09 am

I also snagged one a few weeks ago!

Got my Stratus installed over the weekend and went flew it yesterday. Got my report and passed so I have submitted everything and should be getting my rebate soon!
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Re: ADS-B rebate may still be available (if you’re lucky)

Postby rnealon1 » Tue Oct 08, 2019 12:05 pm

Hi Guys,

I also snagged one last week, although I have been trying every Wednesday at or about 13:00 Eastern every week with no success. The last time something caught my eye on the FAA website about clearing the cache in your web browser, so this time I used a different browser and cleared all the data. I got to the rebate form on my first try at 12:58.

It could all be coincidence, but worth a try if you have been unsuccessful.

I am having the Garmin GNX 375 installed for ADS-B out.

Good luck!

Bob Nealon

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