175 wing vs long range tanks STC.

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Re: 175 wing vs long range tanks STC.

Postby cessna170bdriver » Sun Dec 06, 2020 1:36 am

IA DPE wrote:Normal capacity of my bladder is two hrs, three if using Long Range, so the stock tanks are fine for my mission. :roll:

I have yet to find the FARs that say you have to use all your fuel endurance in one leg, or that you have to make every takeoff with full tanks. If you have to stop and pee, just do it and don’t worry about whether the airport has fuel. Also, it’s nice to have the extra endurance when you want to fly in to a remote airstrip, perhaps do some exploring, then have fuel to get back out. In my case, here in Michigan starting about this time of year most of of my flying is $100 hamburger runs requiring 6-10 gallons each, so I have to refuel about every third trip. When it’s freezing or below (sometimes way below), it would be nice to stretch that out to every 5 or 6 flights. If I had known about this mod when my wings were apart anyway, I would have given it serious consideration.
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