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Smooth skinned flaps .

PostPosted: Fri Feb 19, 2021 1:39 am
by ghostflyer
I am doing a sort of a information gathering exercise on Cessna 170A that have smooth skinned flaps fitted . While they are not illustrated in the parts catalogue [not a legal document] it’s my belief that it was a order only option from Cessna . The under surface of the flap is about 32 thou thick. This was to stop stone damage or penetration. Plus all the flap actuating mechanism [in the trailing edge wing area] are made of chrome moly steel. My flaps had a black sticker type transfer on the inside of the flap with a part number and a dash number after the part no. Plus I “ think” a serial number . But a friend of mine has stated who was helping to build this aircraft project , it was a order number . I have only seen one other 170A with this flap system and it was in Canada . Yes I had major issues when I was putting this aircraft on the register . The inspector stated that there wasn’t any Cessna,s with smooth skinned flaps . It was pointed out that the 177 and 210 cessnas have smooth skinned flaps . Cessna supplied the authorities a letter [fax] to the authorities stating it was a possible customer option . That was over 20 years ago . I should have keep that fax but didn’t think of it at the time .