CFI with 170B time in CT?

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CFI with 170B time in CT?

Postby Tailwind Farm » Sun Jun 13, 2021 3:28 am


Looking for a CFI to give some dual towards a TD and complex endorsement for my adult son, in the Danbury area. Instruction would be in my plane a C-170B (175 wings, 180 gear, 210HP, CSP) 170/180 experience necessary for insurance.

Please PM me.
Tailwind Farm
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Re: CFI with 170B time in CT?

Postby 4583C » Sun Jun 13, 2021 10:12 pm

Have you looked here? viewtopic.php?f=5&t=5593
I scrolled thru the 5 pages of 170 qualified CFIs and didn't find anyone in CT but there are a few in the NE. Maybe some of them could give you a lead. Good luck
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Re: CFI with 170B time in CT?

Postby rnealon1 » Mon Jun 14, 2021 2:01 am

I sent you a PM.

Bob Nealon

Southbury, CT
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