Spins in old airplanes (split topic)

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Spins in old airplanes (split topic)

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hilltop170 wrote:[

("George-doesn't-like-spins" Horn- don't read this!.............) The 170 rudder is especially effective in spins and will recover from any type spin I have tried in 1/4 turn..
HA! Who said I didn’t like spins!..?? :lol:

I actually do enjoy spins and other mild aerobatics… I just don’t like to do them in 70-year old airplanes which haven’t actually been WEIGHED and their C.G. determined by actual weighing…and flight control deflections and system continuity not having been actually checked for years on end and signed off by an A&P/IA.. (say, within the last 3 yrs or since the last equipment change which requires computed Wt/Bal entry.)

I also believe that all Private applicants should have been Demonstrated Spins by their Instructor….and that all Commercial applicants should Demonstrate a fully developed spin…and that all CFI applicants should be required to TEACH spins (especially a cross-control stall w/spin entry) during the practical exam. YMMV

Edit: Imagine this: An accomplished pilot has a memory-lapse or distraction and while turning onto final from left-base with a left crosswing…he overshoots and attempts to increase his rate-of-turn by applying more left rudder…while trying to avoid increased bank induced by that rudder application …by applying a bit of right-aileron. The airplane immediately begins to snap-over into a full left-turning-spin…at only 500 AGL. 8O

Would a pilot who “once upon a time” was shown spins… or who had even once demonstrated fully developed spins…be in a position to arrest that cross-control stall/spin at 500 AGL?

It would be very difficult.

Many of us still hold in dear memory that of one of our Gone-West Members…a highly accomplished Instructor, Air Force B57 veteran, and Space Shuttle Simulator Instructor… who died in exactly such a scenario while the airplane was being handled in that condition by a purchaser/pilot who misrepresented his experience and currency.
But our friend rec’d the blame and paid the price.

I believe Spins should be a regular part of the curriculum for all pilots.
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Re: Spins in old airplanes (split topic)

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Exactly! That's why I got the best spin instructor I could find to teach me (lots of!) spins before I got my CFI Rating. Aerobatic champ and FAA DPE Gene Beggs from Midland, Texas who did exhaustive spin testing in the 1970s in a Pitts S-1 he built, taught me spins in my 170A and gave me my CFI Rating in 1981 when I lived in Odessa.
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