coincidence or fate

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coincidence or fate

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it was over 20 years when i was rebuilding my 170a and was looking for a engine for it when I found out the original owners has sent the original engine away for a overhaul and had it stripped down for a assessment and quote. due to the changing owners [committee in a gliding club] no money was forth coming . I t had been sent away 5 years before I came along. This overhaul shop was on the other side of the country . I had the original engine log book thou. The serial number of the crankshalf was unusual as the last numbers was 007007.
Then 3 years ago we had a Cessna 172 A model come into the shop due for a 100 hrly and a “slight prop strike” [owners words]. The prop was removed as it didn’t meet specs . I was watching the runout check being done on the prop flange and noticed the a number engraved on the edge of the prop flange [s/n of crankshalf]IT was ending 007007 . the prop flange didn’t meet specs either. A cylinder was removed and metal was everywhere. Another O-300 to the scrap heap.
i quizzed the owner of the 172a and asked where did he get the engine . It came out of a French Rally that has a continental. O-300 fitted . it had flipped over on its back. That was about 8 years ago. He showed me the engine log book of the French Rally and it had my crankshalf serial number. he told me i could have my crankshalf back.
The owner of the cessna 172a thought he was getting insurance for his engine , Sorry but you had run that engine for nearly 8 hours since that “slight prop strike “.
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