Pilot Life Insurance

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Pilot Life Insurance

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I rec’d an email today from Avemco advertising Life Insurance for Pilots via another underwriter.

I am glad to see that as it was a concern of mine throughout my professional career.

When I was a TCE (Training Center Evaluator… basically a classroom and simulator I.P./Examiner)… at CAE-Simuflite (DFW), one of my pet peeves was that our company benefits program included a life-insurance policy that EXCLUDED us if we acted as a crewmember in an actual airplane.* 8O

I complained about it annually at the employee meetings. It seemed contrary to me that a company who had 35,000+ employees worldwide of which about 1500 were pilots who actually flew airplanes occasionally and who were certified to TEACH AND EVALUATE OPERATIONAL SAFETY…. were not covered if they actually practiced what they preached.

At one annual benefits meeting I stood and asked the question “Why is it that I can ride a motorcycle to work in Dallas, Texas traffic IN THE RAIN….and be covered by the life insurance benefit…but if I fly a certified airplane my insurance is NOT VALID..?

The benefits person responded with what I considered the most ignorant comment that could come from the mouth of an Aviation Training Organization when she said, “Your insurance is not valid if you BUNGEE JUMP EITHER!” :evil:

I still get angry when I think about that idiocy and wondered if our competitor (Flight Safety) might not wish to take advantage of that policy in their sales promotions …that Simuflite I.P.’s are not insured for actual flight. :twisted:

*(I don’t know if FS employees had that benefit or not…but if not… FS would have the opportunity for quite a “coup” if they provided it. The actual number of employees who might fly a real airplane is so small as compared to the rest of the company-employee-population that the additional risk would be negligible… but the company Refused to even ask the underwriter for the endorsement.) :evil:

I thought it egregious that we supposedly were tasked with making aviation safer but could not be considered insurable.

Avemco apparently has partnered with a company that agrees.
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