The joys of navigation equipment .

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The joys of navigation equipment .

Postby ghostflyer » Mon Oct 10, 2022 12:10 am

Writing the above article made me remember a interesting situation many years ago when I was working for a airline . We had a number of Boeing 727-200,s and about couple of 727-100 series. The company decided to fit INS systems as it was going to save fuel etc .There 6 of us spent about 4 months in the class room leaning all about INS and how we are going to install it in the aircraft . One of the 727-200 was in for a major check so that’s when we went to work . All went well ,and all the “experts” arrived for the first demonstration. The Honeywell reps, the chief pilot and the list goes on. But the Jesus box was last to arrive . The box was about 14 ins across about 24 ins long and about 9 ins high and weighed heaps . We were told it cost 1 million dollars for each box. How accurate that was ,i do not know . Through the E and E compartment just behind the nose gear was the rack for this box of tricks. I lifted the box above my head and slide it on the rack. I am only 5ft 10ins and couldn’t push it all the way in . The Honeywell rep who was 6ft 4ins stepped in and offered to push it in to the locks on the rack . He then said “all locked and loaded” All the experts then shook hands and congratulated each other on a fine job “THEY” had done . As we walked away to go up stairs to the cockpit there was this click and a sliding noise and then this “million dollar box “ fell out of the E and E compartment [6ft ] on the concrete with a BIGbang . OMG the blame game started . The “experts” then looked at me . The chief pilot and engineering director made a heap of remarks about me . By this time quite a crowd had gathered . I knew this was my last day here so ,In a loud voice “ ok you *@%## clowns met me out in the car park and then call me these names “ i was very angry . Then a store man piped up ,”We have a spare” A couple of my friends had ushered me away to back of the crowd .
Then the chief pilot and the engineering director decided to fit the second box . There it’s locked into position ,i heard one of them say . Every body was half way up the steps then a resounding crash . The second box had rolled out on the racks on to the concrete . It appears that Honeywell was at fault as the sliders for the rack was incorrectly riveted to the box and locks that we hears click in wasn’t really locking the box correctly . I wasn’t sacked but at the mediation conference i made them eat humble pie . I spent nearly another 38 years at that company doing all sorts of jobs . Directors and chief pilots come and go
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Re: The joys of navigation equipment .

Postby GAHorn » Mon Oct 10, 2022 5:34 pm

ghostflyer wrote:….Directors and chief pilots come and go

I believe it was Henry Haller while serving as White House Chef… was greeted by incoming Pres. Ford during a White House kitchen-tour who replied to Pres. Fords’ question of “How long have you served as White House Chef?”….
… whereupon Mr. Haller replied, “Since 1966 Mr. President.”
Ford responed, “Well that’s a long time!” which Mr Haller said, “Mr President…. Presidents come and go…but White House kitchen-staff continue to serve.”
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