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Re: AV-30-C

Post by c170b53 »

I went for the AV-30 (to keep up with the Woods :D ) for ADSB out and kept my DG. On average about every 20 min to true it up. I often forgot to do it and if I had to rely on it suddenly, I might end up be going in the opposite direction. In reality, I use foreflight, following along with maps and compass.
Jim McIntosh..
1953 C170B S/N 25656
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Re: AV-30-C

Post by mmcmillan2 »

How many degrees off is it after 20 min?
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Re: AV-30-C

Post by brianm »

mmcmillan2 wrote:How many degrees off is it after 20 min?
Mine is sometimes 10 degrees, often 20, occasionally 45 or more. I just wired a little GPS puck up to the serial in, ground track is what I really use anyway.
Brian M
N2669V - '48
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