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Re: Tailwheel CFI Listing Utah

Post by gpilot.gary »

C-120/140, C-180/185, PA12, PA18, CITABRIA,WACO, CHAMP and of course C-170. located in sunny southern Utah
:D Gary Ewers C.F.I.,C.F.I.I.,M.E.I., 801-244-7330 or gpilot.gary@gmail.com
HC Smith III
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Re: Tailwheel CFI Listing

Post by HC Smith III »

Mike Smith
Panama City, Florida (PFN)
Tail Wheel Endorsements
Dave Fogarty
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Re: Tailwheel CFI Listing

Post by Dave Fogarty »

Dave Fogarty - CFI-Airplanes, Seaplanes, Instruments. Commercial Multi-Engine Pilot & AMT.

Tail wheel instruction & endorsement, BFR's, IPC's, Ferry Flights, Flight Instruction Primary thru CFI ratings.

Piper J-3 & Super Cub, CE-120 thru CE-180, Luscombe 8A, Taylorcraft, & Aeronca.

Home base Lantana Airport - Palm Beach County Florida (KLNA), also operating from KFXE, KPMP, & KBCT.

Cell: 561.451.5259 E-mail: DJFogarty@aol.com
All the best -
Dave Fogarty
Designated Pilot Examiner
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Re: Tailwheel CFI Listing

Post by cholzer »

Chuck Holzer, CFI-I, MEI, A&P/IA, FE,

C-120, C-140, C-170, BFR's, tailwheel endorsement,

KVAY, South Jersey Regional Airport,
N14, Flying 'W' Airport,

(609) 894-2585, home, (609) 367-4594, cell,

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Re: Tailwheel CFI Listing

Post by Apg86 »

Andrew P Geraghty
C-120, C-140, C-170, Piper Cub J-3, J-5; Luscombe 8E, Stinson 108-3, BFR's, tailwheel endorsement,
Fly out of Chino (KCNO) and Corona KAJO
Cell 714-313-9243
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Romeo Tango
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Re: Tailwheel CFI Listing

Post by Romeo Tango »

Richard Terrill
Primary and advanced instructor
C170 owner (E16 - San Martin, CA)
Fly & teach out of Palo Alto, San Carlos, Reid Hillview (NorCal)
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Re: Tailwheel CFI Listing

Post by wwwFLYPPAcom »

Hey Guys,

I'm a C170 CFI, with a boat load of Tailwheel time mostly in my 8KCAB. If your are in need of some instruction especially in Southern California (KSEE,KMYF,KSDM) let me know, I have airline benefits so I can also come to you or transport any aircraft.

Happy Flying

Eamonn Powers
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Re: Tailwheel CFI Listing

Post by j3pup »

Harrisburg, PA area (74N), Randy Hentz J3-Cub, Aeronca, soon C-170... CFI/CFII/MEI ATP Cell: 717-579-9432
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Re: Tailwheel CFI Listing

Post by akviperdriver »

Current 2/10

North Pole/Fairbanks area.

Chris Perkins CFI, CFI-I, SEL, SES

J-3/5, PA-11/12/18/22/24/28, Cessna 120-185, T-craft, Aeronca, Decathalon, RV-4/6/8, Stinson, Maule, T-34.

Contact at AKtailwheelCFI@yahoo.com or via PM here and I will give you my phone number.
Chris Perkins
N8122A '52 170B
M Patterson
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Re: Tailwheel CFI Listing

Post by M Patterson »

Mark T. Patterson
P.O. Box 75559
Kapolei, HI 96707

Operating 1955, 170B. Tail wheel endorsements, recurrency, proficiency, spin training, flight reviews. Surf lessons too!
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Re: Tailwheel CFI Listing

Post by proav »

Bert Rodgers CFII , Aeronca's, Cessna 140, 170, T-Craft, Citabria, Decathalon, Cubs, Experimental???
North Central Arkansas
Proud Owner of N9277A
1949 C170A
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Re: Tailwheel CFI Listing

Post by bannerpilot »

Mike Felske- East Troy, Wi 1000+ hrs tailwheel, mostly Super Cubs, j-3's, Champs with some Amphib Super Cub time too...a couple of hrs in Stearman and PT-23 and 0.2 in the Wright B Flyer. Yeah I know, no 170 time YET.
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Re: Tailwheel CFI Listing

Post by Hattrick »

Hey Fellas!

Just bought my first plane ever. She's a '52 170B and I'm offering tail wheel instruction in her if you are in the Jacksonville area of FL.
Based out of Saint Augustine, FL. But can travel anywhere in JAX area for instruction.

Mark Menendez
1952 C-170B N8314A (previously owned)
1953 C-170B w/ O-360 N726AM S/N 26009
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Re: Tailwheel CFI Listing

Post by falco »

Aerodynamic Aviation at RHV in San Jose California lists a rental '52 170B on their website along with numerous other tailwheel machines. I did a BFR in this one a couple years ago.

Formerly Amelia Reid Aviation.
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Re: Tailwheel CFI Listing

Post by bagarre »


Based at Freeway Airport ( W00 )

Joe owned a 170A and has over 1,500 hours in it.
I think he's owned every certified single engine tailwheel out there (less warbirds)

Joe does all the local tailwheel/spin/aerobatic training and is a great instructor.
He never forgets that flying is fun. He's always relaxed, he lets you make mistakes but he's always in control; which makes the mistakes less stressful :)

It wasnt until getting my tailwheel endorsement with Joe that I really learned how to fly (apposed to managing instruments). The first thing he did for me was cover up everything except the tach.
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