2024 Cessna 170 Convention, Elizabethtown, Kentucky

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2024 Cessna 170 Convention, Elizabethtown, Kentucky

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A link to early information

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Re: 2024 Cessna 170 Convention, Elizabethtown, Kentucky

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Since in the history of the 170 Association there has never been a convention held in September, I thought I was safe booking an Inside Passage Cruise to Alaska that month. The ship gets back to Seattle on the 14th, so we may make the last day of the convention.

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Re: 2024 Cessna 170 Convention, Elizabethtown, Kentucky

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Due to us guys coming from the other side of the earth our seasons are very different. It would be appreciated if the hosts of future conventions could indicate what weather to expect when we arrive at that time of year. Weather can be a changing environment at convention sites due to altitude and mountain influence on winds. A local input about a month before hand and what to expect would be greatly appreciated . We googled the weather [what to expect] at both the Cody and Vermont conventions and we were told it was going to be extremely cold . It ended up a T shirt and shorts situation .
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Re: 2024 Cessna 170 Convention, Elizabethtown, Kentucky

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David…here’s the SmartAzz forecast for Kentucky:

September Kentucky Weather: https://weatherspark.com/m/15227/9/Aver ... ted-States

Annual weather: https://statesummaries.ncics.org/chapte ... he%20south.
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