Front Seats, orignal '56 172

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Front Seats, orignal '56 172

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These seats are from a '56 172 but they are exactly the same as 170 seats in every way. They will fit any model of 170. The frames look to be in good condition but do have some rust at the bottom were the frame wraps around the seat rail. But I believe that will easily clean up. If I was looking for some original seats I think I'd be thrilled to find these.
The seat covering looks fresh because the interior was just redone 20 some years ago just before the plane was totaled running of the runway. The vinyl isn't in bad shape but the fabric is a little stiff. You might actually clean them and get some service from the covering if you needed to. There is a Cessna Secondary seat stop on one but I haven't decided if it goes with the seat or not. Consider the rollers trash but I've seen worse. Price negotiable. Make offer but be prepared for me to accept it.
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