How the Internet Saved Me….

How to keep the Cessna 170 flying and airworthy.

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How the Internet Saved Me….

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There are some Real Junk sites on the Internet…

(and I HATE…I HATE…I HATE those guys who spend ten minutes standing in front of the camera hemming and hawwing and telling us all about nothing…then producing a JUNK video ….with no real info …

…. but every once in a while …there’s a gold-mine:

I was messing with a starter-gear…. and never dreamed I could simply ask the question on a search engine and Presto-Change-O …. There is the answer! .
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Re: How the Internet Saved Me….

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Seemingly there is a video somewhere on YouTube to repair most anything. I’ve used it to repair our Maytag Washer and Dryer, and John Deere Baler among others.
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