Boot Cowl/Windshield Parts

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Ryan Smith
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Boot Cowl/Windshield Parts

Post by Ryan Smith »

Hi All,

Hip Bone-Leg Bone here again.

I’m on the hunt for unobtanium. I have adult money and childish impulse control.

I need:

0513000-19 (fig. 19 item 13) Skin - fuselage front section upper
0510000-22 (fig. 22 item 7) Strip - windshield lower inner
0510000-21 (fig. 22 item 6) Strip - windshield lower outer

I will all probably replace my windshield and would like to back to a center strap. The new strapless windshields seem to be all the convex shape rather than the flat shape that the older windshields (26995 and prior) have. To that end, I would need the inner and outer straps for those.

I highly favor NOS parts for the three listed above as I’m trying to remove antenna holes and return to nominal size rivets. Dad oversized the holes when he replaced the windshield. If push came to shove, my shop can fabricate the skin, but the retainer strips are going to be a challenge.

I sent a query to Preferred and they don’t appear to have anything.

Thank you!

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Re: Boot Cowl/Windshield Parts

Post by n2582d »

As you're probably aware, those lower windshield retainer parts are common to the C-170A and the C-172 through 1962 (s/n 17249544). If you can't find NOS parts you might try the salvage yards. My question for the group is would the rivet holes from a used retaining strip match the holes on a different aircraft's boot cowl--in other words, did Cessna use a jig drilling those holes?

I installed MS21047L06 nutplates in my boot cowl. I used NAS1097AD3-3 flush reduced head rivets to install these. If I were to do it again, I'd consider making a U-shaped plate, or a series of shorter plates, from thin aluminum to mount the nutplates on rather than riveting the nutplates directly to the boot cowl. If you do this A&P's will bless you for decades to come as they no longer need to crawl under the panel to buck rivets each time the windshield is replaced. I'll use AN526C632R6 #6 screws with these nutplates.
Windshield Retainer Nutplates.jpg
Regarding the boot cowl antenna holes which you've previously discussed here, have you thought about restoring the original antennas? Part numbers for them are found in the Optional Equipment Section of the C-170A IPC. I've got a spare standoff that mounts above the front spar if you need it.
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Re: Boot Cowl/Windshield Parts

Post by ghostflyer »

I would not be returning the original antennas . Antennas deteriorate.with age and the elements. Plus the latest antennas are more efficient and aerodynamic. Plus the radios are matched to the antenna. I was caught out some time ago with a HF antenna that ran from the LH wing tip to to the vertical fin and then down to the fuselage . A ceramic isolator had fine cracks in it and contained moisture .
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Re: Boot Cowl/Windshield Parts

Post by dstates »

I have the hardware for the center strip if you need it. This includes the "sealed" nuts.
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