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Bruce Fenstermacher
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Using the Draft feature

Post by Bruce Fenstermacher »

So you only have a few minutes but you decide to check out the latest witty advice at the forum. To your shock a member has written a diatribe in opposition to your opinion that MMO must be good or they wouldn't make it RED.

You only have a second to respond but respond you must and you type as fast as you can but the words required of an eloquent response just don't flow from your brain to your finger tips fast enough and you must leave for that dental appointment now. Yet you somehow have managed to type three quarters of a response that just will not be refuted. You've covered every angle from Texas, California and even Alaska, but it is missing that last killer point. You surely won't be able to recreate this response so elegantly from memory again but you can not submit it as it is. Hurry, your root canal awaits. What to do?

Save the post as a draft and here is how.

First create a post. Then click the Save Draft button rather than the Submit button. Answer yes to the next question the forum asks unless your response is full of images to cement your point. Images are not saved to drafts so if this is the case your out of luck.
draft feature1.jpg
Off to the dentist you go. While sitting in the chair you reconsider a point or two but decide no further flogging is required and you want to submit your post. Once home however, to you dismay, you can not find that saved draft. Here is where it went.

Look for User Control Panel near the top left of a forum page and click on it opening the Control Panel.
draft feature2.jpg
Click on Manage Drafts.
draft feature3.jpg
A window will open listing all the drafts you've saved. Clicking the link Load Draft loads the draft into a posting window in the thread that the draft was originally created in as if you had just typed it. You are free to edit the post as normal. When your ready to be flamed for your better to use RED then be dead argument, ready hit the Submit button as usual.
draft feature4.jpg
Should you just want to edit or view your fine literary art then click the Edit/View link.

BTW if you decide you want to run for political office and need to clean out anything you've written but you might not have posted, you go to this same window and click the box next to the drafts you want to delete and then hit the Delete Marked button.
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Re: Using the Draft feature

Post by GAHorn »

MMO is red because if they made it would bring the valves to a complete stop.
Its saving grace, and its only virtue in aviation, is its color. :?

I suspect that point is not the only directed at me in this thread. :lol:
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