A place to list good $100 Hamburger locations as well as discussion on any interesting place you can fly your 170.

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Postby hilltop170 » Thu Dec 06, 2012 3:19 am

Johnstown, NY, Fulton County Airport, NY0, northwest of Albany about 30 miles

Cafe and bakery on the airport. Eat lunch then go next door and visit The 195 Factory and see how the 170's big brother is put together. There are always several projects underway at any one time.

Glens Falls, NY, Bennett Memorial, KGFL, north of Albany about 40 miles

There is a nice cafe at the airport terminal with a covered outside dining area for when the weather is nice. Park right in front of the cafe. The taco plate is excellent.
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Postby j3pup » Sun Mar 10, 2013 3:34 am

Ice Skating/Food
58N Reigle Field Airport
Palmyra, Pennsylvania, USA

I recently put my kids in ice skating lessons about a block from Reigle airport. There is a brand new ice skating rink across a field right next to the airport. I talked to the owner of the rink and the state is supposed to be putting a road essentially connecting the airport and the ice skating rink, but it hasn't happened yet. In the meantime the owner said he was fine with us walking through his field to the rink. So you can park your plane and just walk across the field (East) to the rink. There is also a bounce house place, and the "twistin pig" hamburger joint. Call if you want any more info. 717-304-0907
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Maine airport restaurants

Postby N4281V » Tue Jun 10, 2014 12:54 am

A few places our airport group have visited....

Limington-Harmon (63B) "Runway Restaurant"
Restaurant located on the left side at the approach end of runway 29. Parking on apron at right side at approach end of 29 as well. Walk over. Been there for breakfast a few times. Good food.

Belfast (BST) "Off the Hook"
Walk down the street for take out seafood. Outdoor seating only. Great fresh seafood. Google "Off the Hook" and you will find menu. They also have Shains of Maine ice cream.

Knox County Regional (RKD)
There is a coffee cafe in the airline terminal building. We checked it out but did not eat after a lunch trip into town a few weekends ago. Sandwiches and drinks it looks, nothing fancy.
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Postby N4281V » Sun Jun 14, 2015 11:39 pm

Our flying group from KIWI visited Hampton Airfield, NH (7B3) this morning. It was busy but they got us in after about 20 minutes. The weather was great, so sitting around outside watching a cub do pattern work was just fine. The airport has just opened after some major construction. There is now a paved runway (used today as they will be hydro seeding the grass runway tomorrow) and grass on the way. Great food! Great staff and good prices. We will be back.

Last Sunday we returned to Off the Hook in Belfast, Maine (KBST) and it's still got awesome food! No fuel or services on the field at this time as the town is searching for a new FBO operator, but restroom/terminal building access is by keypad.
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Postby Burt Stevens » Fri Aug 14, 2015 10:55 pm

We're based at KOXC in CT. Our airport restaurant is on the east side of the airport and is called The 121 Restaurant; it's expensive but rates up there with Nancy's at Minuteman (6B6). Four spots are available for visitor aircraft parking right at the restaurant otherwise, you'll have to park at Key Air and get a lift over by the line crew. Try the hanger steak which they should probably call Hangar steak. Whatever it's called, it's great!
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Postby Sandy170 » Tue Sep 29, 2015 9:10 pm

For a great weekend getaway, fly to Elmira Corning Regional Airport (KELM). Park on the ramp at Atlantic Aviation and pick up a rental car at the terminal. There are plenty of hotels in the area; we stayed at Holiday Inn Express in Horseheads and we recommend it for value, quality and location. There is plenty to do in the area. Visit the Glenn Curtiss Museum just 20 miles away in Hammondsport, and drive along the Seneca Wine Trail to visit local wineries. Hike in Watkins Glen State Park (3 mile roundtrip hike with lots of stairs along the gorge). Check out Corning Museum of Glass and walk down through the Gaffer District for food and brews. Visit the National Soaring Museum. Take in a movie at Regal Theaters in Arnot Mall. There are some great airstrips in the area, too, such as Painted Post and Penn Yan. We just returned from a long weekend visit and thoroughly enjoyed our time there.

Plan on 3+ hours at Glenn Curtiss Museum because it is packed with great exhibits. Plan on 2-3 hours at the Corning Museum of Glass to view the art exhibits and demos and learn a bit about the scientific breakthroughs in glass making. Avoid Watkins Glen on Saturday afternoon because it was crowded then.
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Postby N2625U » Fri Feb 15, 2019 12:23 am

Update for Sanford, ME (KSFM) restaurant.
I have been informed that a deal has been reached with a new owner for the airport restaurant. Here are some of the highlights!
A full kitchen remodel is underway
"The Pilots Cove Cafi"
initially closed only on Monday
primarily a breakfast and lunch style of restaurant but dinner will be served Thursday through Saturday
credit cards will be accepted
during warmer months they are planning to serve on the patio!
Target opening April 16th

I will pass on additional info as I get it!!
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Postby NewEnglandPilot » Wed Jan 13, 2021 4:40 am

Phew, been a while since anything has been posted here!! Some of these places have closed, some have change names, etc. Here is a bit of an update - hopefully some other folks can add in as well (some may be seasonal, so definitely call ahead) [EDITS - removed some that are now closed & added some more that I've since discovered/heard about):

Windham (KIJD) - short walk out of the gate to AeroDiner (860-450-1959); Bagel One (860-456-9505); and Illiano's Pizza (860-942-8899)
Goodspeed (42B) - short walk out of the gate to La Vita (860-873-8999) and Gelston House (860-873-1411)

Basin Harbor (B06) - Ardelia's on field (fancier)/seasonal (802-475-2311)
Basin Harbor (B06) - The Red Mill Restaurant (casual)/seasonal (802-475-2317)

New Hampshire:
Keene (KEEN) - The Flight Deck on field (603-358-3325); and The Dinner Table just outside the airport (603-357-2525)
Nashua (KASH) - Midfield Cafe on field (603-594-0930)
Hampton (7B3) - The Airfield Cafe on field (603-964-1654)
Laconia (LCI) - Kitchen Cravings outside the gate (603-528-0001)

Mansfield (1B9) - Hangar 12 in field (774-284-4782)
Plymouth (KPYM) - Plane Janes on field (508-747-9396)
Orange (KORE) - White Cloud Diner across from airport (978-544-6821)
Chatham (KCQX) - Hangar B on field (508-593-3655)
New Bedford (KEWB) - Airport Grill on field (774-992-7504)
Norwood (KOWD) - Taso's Euro Cafe on field (781-278-0001)
Nantucket (KACK) - Crosswinds Restaurant on field (508-228-6005); Thai House across street (508-680-1522)
Martha's Vineyard (KMVY) - Plane View on field (508-693-1886); and Black Sheep just outside gate (508-338-7770)
Katama (1B2) - The Right Fork Diner on field (508-627-5522)
Southbridge (3B0) - Red Baron Diner on field (508-765-5800)
Stowe/Minuteman (6B6) - Nancy's Airfield Cafe on field (978-897-3934)
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Postby gfeher » Wed Jan 13, 2021 2:29 pm

Unfortunately, the Hangar Cafe in Rutland (KRUT) closed in August. A victim of COVID.

Two others in this thread that are no longer open:

The cafe and bakery at Johnstown, NY, Fulton County Airport (NY0). Closed about 4-5 years ago.

The very popular cafe/diner at Glens Falls, NY, Bennett Memorial (KGFL) closed about 6 years ago. In the questionable wisdom of the powers that be at that airport, it was closed in favor of building a fancy high end restaurant on the field. That restaurant, which was never that popular, opened about two years ago and now has also closed. Another victim of COVID. We're all hoping a cafe/diner will return, but not holding our breaths.

Another update:
The very popular Tail Winds Cafe at Sky Acres airport (44N) LaGrangeville, NY closed about a year ago due to the tragic sudden death of it's owner/cook in an auto accident. But it has now reopened as Hangars Cafe, open on weekends.
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